About the Get It Strait! Workshops

What the Get It Strait! System is all about…


REAL HAIR is a MOVEMENT. Karen “KG” Gary is making major headway in showing women how to discover the beautiful head of hair they naturally possess. Synergi Salon produces natural hair that looks relaxed. View the Synergi video below to discover the transformation that awaits you! Will YOU be the next Synergi Girl??

Karen “KG” Gary, Master Stylist Synergi Salon presents… GetItStrait! Workshop

Synergi Salon is a full service hair salon specializing in color, cuts and chemical free hair facilitated by Master Stylist Karen “KG” Gary. KG believes that much of a woman’s confidence is based on personal appearance. A woman’s confidence about her appearance transfers into her performance. Knowing your hairs true identity is the key to managing it.

KG has noticed that when clients are given a few simple suggestions to use along with their daily styling routine, their hair takes on a whole new life! It is through the Synergi Salon GetItStrait! Workshops that KG addresses topics such as the truth about relaxers, tips on dry flaky scalp, suggestions for maintaining your hair while working out, even how to get your hair to grow without breaking, just to name a few. KG’s mission is to teach women that their hair is perfect in its’ natural state.

KG teaches women how to become involved in the maintenance of their hair between appointments, even while on vacation. GetItStrait! Workshops are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Attendants will also have an opportunity to purchase Columbus’ premiere hair care product, the Synergi Salon GetItStrait! System. With the GetitStrait! System, you will find that your hair becomes thicker, longer and stronger as you retrain it from its’ chemically over-processed and oil based state of mind.

If given a chance, KG can show you how to transform your hair into the healthiest, most beautiful condition you have ever known. Come learn how to GetItStrait!