What to Expect When You’re Transitioning to Natural

Going natural? Many naturals have started exactly where you are (including me). To be honest, this isn’t

4 Rules to Going Natural

There are 4 very things you must do on your journey to natural hair. You must 1. Shampoo your natural hair as often as your lifestyle permits 2. Trim your hair by a professional stylist every 8-10 weeks. Be sure to trim the layers. Do not trim the perimeter only.

going to be easy. There will be days that you wonder why you ever decided to go natural, or are SO close to going back to a relaxer because it’s just easier. But you won’t because you’re stronger than that. Just as I promise those days are coming I also promise that you will have days where you are amazed at what your hair can do. Days are coming where you’ll be SO proud of your hair and how far you’ve come as a natural. These days will keep you moving forward. My advice is to take it one day at a time. And of course, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Ready? Let’s go!

Did you know it takes a whole year to grow an entirely new head of hair? There’s a lot to learn in the next 365 days, but here’s what you can expect during the first 90:

Expect your hair to be REALLY dry

You’re too far to turn back now, but don’t freak out when you notice your roots are really dry and course. This is completely normal. Begin to shampoo your hair at least once a week to make your roots softer and more manageable. Start with Synergi Rejuvenate Detox Shampoo to remove excess buildup from heavy creams and oils. Next, condition with Synergi Renew Deep Conditioning Treatment to add much needed moisture and replenish hair with vitamins and minerals to smooth and seal your cuticles.

Homework: Get used to the idea of washing your hair more often. How are you feeling? What’s going well and what isn’t?

Coming up Next? Learn what happens during months 3-6 of going natural