Curlfriends Party

The Ultimate Ladies Night In!

YOU, 10 guests and 2 Synergi Stylists for 3 hours! It’s the hair at home party with your own personal Stylist.

Are you a current Synergi client and want to share your love of Synergi products with family and friends? Not a current client but want to know more about Synergi products and services? GREAT! These get-togethers are the perfect setting for ladies to discuss all their hair issues with a professional and get tips on making the process more manageable.

You and another guest (or two) will receive one of our signature hair services as guests are shown techniques that can duplicated at home with Synergi products. Synergi focuses on natural hair being worn straight or curly while focusing on the three principles of washing, trimming and avoiding product build up.

We feel so strongly about empowering women to embrace the natural head of hair they were born with that we are offering these bookings FOR FREE!!! Ready to book your party? Here’s what you need to know:

Curlfriends Party Details:
1. Party must be booked at a venue with access to water and a sink to allow for hair washing

2. Must have at least 10 guests present

3. Light refreshments must be provided for Synergi Staff & guests

4. Saturday bookings ONLY between 10am and 7pm

To book your Curlfriends Party, contact Abiona Harper by email at Please put Curlfriends in the subject line and submit at least 2 booking dates and times. Remember to include your name and contact number.