Owner of Synergi Salon

Karen Coleman

Synergi Salon was opened in June of 2006 in Whitehall, Ohio by Columbus’ own Master Stylist Karen “KG” Gary. Karen has always been a gifted stylist, displaying excellence in cutting and styling hair; but when clients wanted to grow their hair long, she came up short. She wanted to give clients what they were asking for, but began to notice the lack of progress and the damage her clients’ hair received between visits. Her 22 years of experience prompted her to research hair issues and develop hair products to accommodate her clients needs during the salon process, as well as at home.

Synergi is Columbus’ premier hair salon featuring 1 hour wash and style services. Known for producing natural hair that looks relaxed, Synergi Salon specializes in color and cuts and uses Karen’s own patented Synergi GetItStrait! System.

85% of Karen’s client base is natural, but you would never know by looking at them since most clients wear their hair bone straight. She offers new clients a plan and a promise: A one year relaxer free journey with her expertise as a guide, a choice of 12 easy to use at home maintenance products designed to assist with growing out the relaxer, and the promise that her plan will return their hair to its strong, thick, long, healthy, natural state.

Synergi Salon’s mission is to show women how to appreciate the head of natural hair they have. For the past 3 years, Karen has made it her mission to educate women on the true beauty of their own hair by facilitating educational hair care workshops. Through the GetItStrait! workshops and her Synergi hair care line which is starting to receive national attention, Karen is giving the truth back to women by showing them that their hair is beautiful without all the chemical damage and over-processing. The Synergi Salon GetItStrait! workshops are free, fact filled sessions where Karen gives tips to help women achieve healthier, longer, stronger, natural hair. Karen also works with cancer survivors, to assist them with restoring their hair health after chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Karen is an experienced salon owner who trained and mentored more than 100 stylists at her former salon, Uzuri Street. Uzuri Street became a nationally recognized salon for its commitment to customer service and the promotion of healthy hair.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys working out and spending time with her son.

To all of you, from all of us at Synergi Salon,

Thank you!

Karen Coleman

Synergi Salon

Karen Coleman
Owner/Master Stylist

Karen Gary Coleman has been transforming heads for over 25 years. From Uzuri Street to Karen Michaels and now Synergi Salon, Karen has mentored hundreds of Stylists and pioneered the hair industry as a leader in hair care. Karen’s passion is healthy, relaxer free hair that has the versatility to be worn straight or curly.

Abiona Harper
Director of Sales & Marketing

Abiona is a born and raised Buckeye but cheers for her Cincy Bearcats when it comes down to hometown favorites. This married mother of three enjoys music, fitness, roller skating and travel.


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