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Why should I become a Synergi Membership Member?

You should join our NEW and IMPROVED membership program if you have felt stuck in your natural hair journey, and you feel like you have no where else to turn for help, if you want to grow your hair and see results, if you want to learn directly from the master stylist and founder of Synergi Salon Karen Hill.  

Synergi Salon was opened in June of 2006 in Columbus Ohio. Master Stylist and owner  Karen Hill’s 22+ years of experience prompted her to research hair issues and develop hair products and tips to accommodate her clients needs during the salon process, as well as at home. 

Synergi Salon’s mission is to show women and men  how to appreciate the head of natural hair they have. For the past few years, Karen has  educated women and men  on the true beauty of their own hair by facilitating educational hair care one-on-ones.  Karen is giving the truth back to women and men by showing them that their hair is beautiful without all the chemical damage and over-processing. 

We know it take a little more than one day at the shop in order for you to learn how to take care of and nurture your natural hair. The Synergi Salon Membership program is put in place to give your mind some ease, as you ask experts on how to maintain and further the growth of your natural head of hair. Sign up today and learn how to get your hair to keep growing!

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