When will the product be available?

The product is currently available. If it is out of stock, please provide us with your email address and sign up for our mailing list to receive notifications when it is back in stock.

Are the products new or different?

Yes, we changed the formula in 2023. The new formula is bigger and better, and we are confident that you will be happier than ever with it.

Why is no one answering the phone?

We no longer have a receptionist, so each stylist answers and books their own appointments. If you call, please leave a text message or voicemail, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that our stylists are very busy and operate by appointment only, so it is best to make an appointment rather than being a walk-in.

Do you accept walk-ins?

While we would love to accommodate walk-ins, our stylists are usually busy. You can send a text to check if anyone is available, but chances are they will refer you back to our website to make an appointment.

Who does braids?

We have two stylists, Kavon and Mikaal, who specialize in braids. Please visit their respective links to see the braid styles they offer.

Who does silk presses?

All of our stylists at the salon are skilled in performing silk presses.

Do all the stylists use Synergi products?

Due to the current unavailability of Synergi products, most stylists are using other products.

Do you accept children as clients?

Some stylists do accept children as clients. Please verify with the stylist and provide the child's age through a text or note. Additionally, inform the stylist if your child is very young (under six) or has tender hair.

Do you offer services for men?

Some stylists do offer services for men. Please confirm with the stylist before scheduling an appointment.

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